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I wanted to share something that I’ve been thinking about lately: Arrival

You see we all have this idea that we’re on the right path, the wrong path, the long, short, brutal, glorious path to the lives of our dreams. This path that supposedly leads to the arrival of our true selves, our highest truth, our ultimate purpose. You know that path I’m talking about, right? Well what if I told you (not because my path is any smoother than yours but because life has recently reminded me and so I’m passing this little reminder along) that we all, every single last one of us, have already arrived.

The thing is, we go on through our lives playing this never-ending waiting game. Waiting for that perfect clearing in the meadow where the grass is really green, the sun in shining, the sky is blue and the birds are singing out. But lets be real, that place simply doesn’t exist in the future. That place is now. Woah. It’s kind of freeing right? To realize that we don’t have to keep running along on our paths any longer towards the finish line but instead pause and gaze around in awareness and smile. We’ve already made it (cue exhale).

So from my heart to yours I’m whispering, you have arrived. With each step, fall, skip, collapse and leap, you arrive. This is it.

Shall we walk together?

With love,


“Simply believe- don’t doubt anything. You’re alive – believe in that. Let go of the idea that the path will lead you to your goal. The truth is that with each step you take, you arrive.” -Paulo Coelho

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