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Ignite the light

It’s dark it’s dark it’s dark!!  Was it just me or was that all everyone was talking about yesterday? It’s easy to go to that place of loathing and negativity this time of year but there are two sides to every coin. With every change of season, mother nature is hinting at us to follow her lead. So with all of this darkness, what is she telling us? After a summer full of buzzing around being busy bees, it’s time for us to settle and take a bit more rest. I truly believe that summers wouldn’t be quite as sweet if we didn’t have the colder, quieter months to recharge and get grounded.

It’s time to ignite our own light within.

Here are my five favorite ways to ignite the light within:

1. Get more sleep.
If you’re anything like me, this is music to my ears. I love sleep (but really who doesn’t?). Last night I went to bed an hour earlier and woke up feeling so rested! I actually woke up before my alarm and got to enjoy the morning sun on a walk with Andrew and puppy Nash.

2. Work the core.
As the weather gets colder and the food heavier, it’s so nice to get a good sweat going. Nothing heats the body up more than a good core workout. The third chakra (solar plexus chakra) is just below the belly button and is said to be the center of self-esteem, willpower and personality warmth. The message from the third chakra? You have the power to choose.

3. Eat the good stuff.
There is a reason behind all of the crazy pumpkin advertising this time of year. There is nothing more delicious than eating seasonal food that warms the insides. A few of my favorites ingredients this time of year are: ginger, cinnamon, roasted butternut squash and anything curry based.

After a summer full of sun tanning, salt water and chlorine I love spending some extra time on my skin and hair. Before bed, put coconut oil on ends of hair or even massage it onto the whole scalp. Take some time before a shower and do a full body coffee grounds scrub.  Treat your face with a clay mask to clear pores and then apply equal parts argan oil/face lotion for a deeply moisturizing treat.

My absolute favorite way to reflect always involves my journal. Journaling can be a powerful way to get to know yourself better, process emotions and reduce stress. Find a comfortable spot, sit quietly and meditate for 5 minutes. From that most sacred space of stillness, write. Let your soul speak to you. It’s magic.

Yes it’s getting darker, but guess what? There is a light within you that is infinitely brighter than any amount of sunlight could produce. Take time to rekindle the flame.

Be the light,

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” -Maya Angelou


  1. This is the cutest. And so true, especially for the Netherlands when the daylight is only 5 hours long in winter. Gona treat myself this weekend. You’re my light x


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