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The Practice of Gratitude

Ahhh Thanksgiving…everyones favorite holiday, even before Christmas which proves that yes, food trumps all. I love how we all collectively focus our energy on gratitude. In a culture that is bred on scarcity, fear and worthiness it is so refreshing to practice gratitude nationwide. Brene Brown says:

“If the opposite of scarcity is enough, then practicing gratitude is how we acknowledge that there’s enough and that we’re enough.”

I say practice gratitude because it really truly is a practice, as with most worthy things. The key is to not be too hard on ourselves when our first reaction isn’t the most gracious. I think it can be incredibly powerful to notice this and then consciously choose differently. If your the type to struggle with worthiness and have thoughts like: “who am I to be joyful” or “what about the starving children in the world?”. Remember that in honoring what you have you honor what others have lost or don’t have access to.

I woke up this morning and had the most lovely conversation with Andrew about what we are most thankful for (best way to wake up ever!  ..thinking about making this a daily ritual). After some heart opening bed yoga poses I decided to write in my journal some things I usually wouldn’t be grateful for and turn them all around. It was such an eye opening experience and I urge you to try it out. Begin by making a list of a few things you perceive as negative in your life right now, don’t hold back! Then start a new list titled I am grateful for… and list all the negatives with an = sign after. Find a new positive light to see the negatives in.

You’ll be amazed at how the struggles are actually playing a crucial role in your growth.

In gratitude,


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