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This I Promise

I write a lot. Sometimes I write and write and write and never share a word. Other times I write and share with this online community in which case I read it over and think to myself, hey maybe someone can relate to this. Once in a while I hesitate to share because maybe I’m the only one that feels this way? Maybe people think I’m sharing for attention or maybe they ask themselves, “who is she to share her story and think other people are interested?”. I realize these are MY fears and hesitations that in the end never really get a say in any final outcome but they are there. It’s a conscious decision to not let my fears and self-doubts get in the way of sharing in a way that is authentic.

My point is, I think its important to have courage that whatever you’re going through, drawn towards, passionate about, fearful of, delighted by, others are too. Surely not everyone can relate or will be interested in what you have to say or offer but there are most definitely people who will benefit in some way through you sharing your experience. Sometimes it’s not even WHAT you’re sharing that is so great and beneficial but HOW you’re  sharing it. So maybe you don’t practice yoga or read the same books as me or follow the phases of the moon but maybe in me being my most authentic self it gives you the utmost permission to be authentically you. I believe with all of my being that we are here on this planet to connect. How can we truly find meaningful connections if we aren’t first and foremost, brave enough to open up and share and secondly, do so truthfully? Thus our agreement here becomes a willingness to be open AND truthful. Ahh feels good huh?

This I promise,

“Watch carefully,
the magic that occurs,
when you give a person,
just enough comfort,
to be themselves.” – atticus

Airplane magic, flying out west..

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