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love and destiny

Hi beautiful people. I’m writing this from the floor of LAX. Literally, the floor! I’m bumming it for the night here waiting for my next flight in the morning. I think I started a trend in this little corner of the airport. People have been gathering and getting comfy for the night too, which makes me feel a little less crazy.

The past few weeks have been full of setting stones. Life feels like that to me sometimes, times of comfort and planning and then times of execution and adventure. Both good, both needed.

I write (and think) a lot about what it means to do what you love and follow your destiny. Now, that may seem like a daunting task but in reality it should be the most liberating, loveliest adventure of your life. The backbone of everything you do. The word destiny kinda freaks people out. It’s such a powerful word. I don’t believe anybody has a one word answer to what their destiny is. I think living your destiny is to be open in every moment. Open to the possibility that what you have made up in your mind of what you should be doing today, in this moment, in your life as a whole, might not be what’s in the cards for you. Openness, non-resistance is the aim. When we meet every moment as a guide from beyond and allow it to usher us then we are living in love, we are free.

Here I am at the airport. 2 more planes to go and I am working on this openness thing. This doesn’t come easy to me and I don’t think I’m alone in that. I try to view my actions in life under two categories. Love and fear. It all boils down to these two. Are you working your job for the fear of not having enough (money, fame, satisfaction, acknowledgment etc.)? Or are you working for the love of what you do? Are you with your partner for fear of being alone or simply because you love the person they were, are and becoming? Love and fear move people in different ways but LOVE will always move you towards your destiny.

I am off to Baja, Mexico for a month of more yoga teacher training. There was so much back and forth of whether or not to go, if I could take off work, if I could afford it, what others would think blah blah BLAH. Until I asked myself one day: “Ashley, love or fear. What will it be?” Can you guess what I chose?

Please, you do not want to miss out on this gift of life by being a prisoner, waiting to  wipe the film of fear from your eyes at your death bed. Now is a good time to start living in love. Now is the perfect time to be free.


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  1. Beth Hannisick says

    There is so much to learn from your postings. I need to start living in love instead of fear. I have a hard time putting myself first when in reality if you can put yourself first and truly love the person you are, then the rest of your life will fall into place. Thank you for reminding me what’s really important. Follow your dreams Ashley Adamek and have the most amazing time!


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