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The total solar eclipse on Monday was such a special event. It was so unique to witness everyone outside with a sense of awe for this place that we all share.  It felt refreshing to have something that connects us (versus the theme of separation) as the main point of conversation between people, on the news and in our papers. On Monday, and the weeks leading up to it, my social media news feed seemed to be filled with posts, from people all over the world, on ways to harness this astrological event as a means for self reflection, transformation and collective enlightenment. Rituals, ceremonies, meditations, yoga classes, surya namaskars and pranayama techniques were just a few examples of topics that I saw floating around. Don’t get me wrong, I believe wholeheartedly in harnessing the energy that is invoked during times like this but I also believe that most are too quick to give away their power to some external event. It’s kind of like around New Years when everyone is setting intentions and questioning their life choices only to fall back into their old ways a few weeks later. We cannot expect reflection and transformation to happen on one specific or auspicious day. We must be willing to put in the good work/Gods work every day. What better day than today to start doing that thing you always wanted to do? If it’s a BIG change you’re looking to make, start by doing 3 SMALL things each day to work towards your goal. Patience, persistence and faith will not lead you astray.

What if you viewed today as the most important day of your life? How then would you show up within it? Do you realize that YOU have the power to make of it what you desire? You don’t need an excuse (like a new year, or the stars aligning) to make changes. There has never been a more perfect day to begin, than today.

On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open
and the world is full of beauty.
Today is such a day.

Journaling, surfing and reading are some of the ways I stay on the daily path of inquiry, transformation and inspiration.
What are your favorite ways to stay empowered?

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