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Waking Up – 5 Morning Rituals

Everybody is different, duh. This is not a list of things that you SHOULD do every morning but merely a list of things to help inspire you to find what works FOR YOU. Perhaps some mornings you meditate or go for a run or surf or just drink a cup of coffee. The secret is that it’s not the actual activities that are so special, it’s the intention behind them. It’s the meaning that you infuse your actions with.  I wanted to share some things that I’ve found helpful in creating an internal and external environment rooted in presence and direction. Thus, here is a glimpse at my morning routine. I hope it will give you some ideas to try and inspire you to find what works for you.


The very moment you wake up. Say it. Out loud or to yourself, it doesn’t matter. Let the vibration of gratitude fill your body and give thanks for another opportunity to experience the gift of a new day. Wow, what an opportunity.

2. Make your bed

This is something that I’ve just recently added to my morning routine. It’s not something that I naturally find important or necessary and I’m typically the type to never ever make my bed. But I have to say, it’s been a real game-changer. To me this small act is a reminder of the importance of the little things. This one small act is the first completed task of the day. It helps me separate my night self from my day self and it gets me going with more verve than I would otherwise.

3. Meditate

If you’re new to meditation start small. Give yourself just a few still minutes to follow your breath in and out. Let it be simple and don’t overthink it! Pick the same spot to sit every morning and just observe yourself, your surroundings, everything that makes up the moment that you’re in. There is absolutely no way to meditate wrong. There is no effort wasted!

4. Write it out

I think the power of pen to paper is so massively underrated. There is something so therapeutic and powerful about taking thoughts, concerns, beliefs, stressors, inspirations, dreams, goals, ideas and/or to-do lists, etc. etc. etc. and putting it down on paper. This doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process. If you’re not into free writing, make some categories: grateful for, non-negotiable activities today, to-do list etc. Although this allows me to get really clear on some tangible tasks for the day, more than anything it keeps me in a state of connection and inquiry to a deeper part of myself. It wold be easy to get thrown into the day doing the many different things that ask for our time and energy but by consciously making a list you insure you’re spending your time on things that are in alignment with your deeper purpose.

5. Nourish yourself

By now, I’m starving and ready for breakfast. I won’t say much about what you might want to consider eating but I will suggest that there be one question you ask yourself: will this food fuel or deplete my energy? Whatever beverage or food that you decided on, savor it! It’s becoming a part of who you are. Pretty big deal, right?

When you make a habit out of laying your foundation with gratitude, intention, connection and direction, you’re set up to build a really powerful day for yourself, and for others around you.

To waking up,


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