Ash Wed
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Ash Wednesday 11/29

What I’m reading – I’m still enjoying Reflections on the Art of Living by Joseph Campbell

Music I’m listening to – Chris Stapleton. I’ve listened to Tennessee Whiskey more times than I want to admit this past week 🙂

What I’m watching – The Tale of the Hero’s Journey on YouTube. This is a great inspirational video going through the Hero’s Journey as written about by Joseph Campbell.

Word of the week – Pleasure. Last week I was recovering from a small surgery I had, my body felt so foreign and like every part of me was crying out and aching. This week I’m dedicated to bringing back a general state of ease and full-bodied pleasure. How much time a day or week are you dedicating to being in a state of pleasure? Circulate and breath it throughout your entire body. Allow it to heal you!

Product I’m loving – My ukulele. I’m just starting to learn some cool songs but it’s been so fun to learn something new. When’s the last time you picked up a new hobby?


Health tip – I recently HAD to take antibiotics. I’m really grateful for them as I know they kill the bad stuff but unfortunately they also kill the good bacteria in your gut and digestive track. Gut health is the absolute key to overall health (and beauty!). If you ever find yourself having to take antibiotics I found it really helpful to take (really high quality) probiotics 2 hours before my morning antibiotic. Eat a half cup of fermented veggies with lunch and drink some raw kombucha late afternoon (or two hours before your evening dose of antibiotics). My stomach and digestion feel really good and normal (which usually does not happen after a full round of antibiotics).

To health and pleasure,

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