Ash Wed
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Ash Wed 9/19

Another week, another list of things that are inspiring me ❤

What I’m reading:
Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer
“Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants”

I just started this book the other day. I can’t remember who referred it to me but it’s been sitting on my shelf for a while now. Stay tuned for more on this one.

braiding sweetgrass

What I’m listening to:
Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner. He discusses his spiritual evolution, what it means to lead with compassion while finding meaning in your work, and his unique approach to running a multi-billion dollar tech company. Listen all the way to the end.. his last line is my favorite!


Product I’m loving:
This is a magical workbook like no other! Using magic, energy work, Tarot spreads and archetypes, gentle reminders, self-help ideas and journaling prompts – this workbook utilizes the phases of the Moon in real time to get you anchored, in touch with your intuition, and on your path with more intention, and more results.

The journaling prompts have been key to my growth and sanity these past few months. I highly recommend this or something like it to help keep you on track and tuned in.


Word of the week:
Affirmation. I have been working with affirmations this past week and I have truly felt the mental and physical affects that they create within and around me. Here’s the thing –Our thoughts determine our emotions, our emotions create our behaviors and our behaviors define our reality. When we bring in the power of affirmations they change our thought patterns which affects our emotions, which changes our reality!
Step 1: Identify a thought pattern that isn’t serving you. (ex: My future is uncertain. I don’t feel safe.)
Step 2: Create an affirmation. (ex: I am safe. I am supported.)
Step 3: Listen to the words, feel them, embody them.
Step 4: Stay open to these truths unfolding before you.

Quote of the week:
I’m so grateful for the people who have been with me for many, many lifetimes. I am continually supported and comforted by the deep, unspoken connection that we share. Who knows what we’ve been through and who knows what lies in our future. What I do know is how grateful I am to love and be loved by you. Thanks old friends ❤


Keep going,

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