Ash Wed
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Ash Wed 1/9/19


What I’m reading:

Simon Hill has a really in depth blog on leading a plant based lifestyle. He answers the most common questions and gives really handy tips that I’ve been loving. I feel so good about my diet right now- how it makes me feel mentally and physically, and the impact it has on the environment.

Plant Proof Website

What I’m listening to:

Product I’m loving:

Did you know: Over 2 billions disposable razors are thrown away each year in the US alone? That’s enough to wrap around the Earth, end to end, 6 times!!!

I am soooooo stoked on this razor that I got for christmas. If you’ve read my previous posts you may know that I have been slowly but surely finding alternatives to common household plastic waste. This razor is 100% plastic free and even comes with 10 extra blade replacements. This would be the last razor you ever need to buy. (plus, it is delivered and packaged in 100% recyclable material.) Shop it here.


Word of the week:
BeautyOpening my eyes and heart enough to see it in all things. Even in cold and quiet south Jersey- it’s everywhere, pulsing through all things. I see it. I feel it. I am it.

Quote of the week :

So Many Gifts
There are so many gifts
Still unopened from your birthday,
There are so many hand-crafted presents
That have been sent to you by God.

The Beloved does not mind repeating,
“Everything I have is also yours.”

Please forgive Hafiz and the Friend
if we break into sweet laughter
When your heart complains of being thirsty
When ages ago
Every cell in your soul
Capsized forever
Into this infinite golden sea.

a lover’s pain is like holdings one’s breath
Too long
In the middle of a vital performance,

In the middle of one of Creation’s favorites

Indeed, a lover’s pain is this sleeping,
This sleeping
When God just rolled over and gave you
Such a big good morning kiss!

There are so many gifts, my dear,
Still unopened from your birthday.
O, there are so many hand-crafted presents
That have been sent to your life
From God.



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