Ash Wed
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Ash Wed 3/6

Woah! What a time. A lot of seeds that I’ve planted over the past year are taking root and sprouting. If my life had a season.. it would be SPRING! Things are shifting, sprouting and rising up, up, up. It’s overwhelming and beautiful.

For those of you who don’t know- Andrew and I bought our first house! An 1870’s farm on 5 acres in Morgantown, PA. I start my new job working on an organic sustainable agriculture farm April 1st. I’m converting our barn into a place for gathering- yoga, farm-to-table dinner parties and workshops. I’ll be announcing a winter retreat soon too!

What I’m reading:
mini farming     compost

What I’m listening to:
I started making this new playlist for when we’re moving and painting the new house!

Product I’m loving:

My medium friend Thomas is teaching me all about Tarot! This is the deck that I’m using and I love it. He’s going to be putting out an online course soon, (I’m his guinea pig) so stay tuned!


Word of the week:
Grace. This has definitely been my word of the week before but it’s one of my favorite words- ever. I’m doing the best I can to transition with as much grace, patience, presence and gratitude as possible. How can I move with grace? Breathe with grace? Listen, speak, transition, say good-bye with Grace? To embody grace is my prayer, my daily practice.

Poem of the week :

If I Did Not Pray
I could not move against this wind if I did not pray.
All that is said of me that is untrue would make lame my gait
If I could not free myself from the weight of other’s malice.

I could not even move against all of this light, this light, this light
if I did not pray.
See how things become:  what a change can happen, when we find a way
to keep The Divine close.


in gratitude to the embers and the ashes,

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