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Going with the Flow

It’s Labor Day weekend and I honestly can’t believe its already September. Although I’d like to sit here and complain about summer being over and the winter months being right around the corner, I know better. I know that we always survive another winter and summer always comes back around, just as it should.

This weekend we’re in Maryland at Deep Creek Lake. This place is as if it was frozen in time. You know the stillness and quiet in your house and around town when you wake up with the sun? Thats what it feels like here, except all day long. Its not until I’m in these kinds of places that I realize just how fast paced and chaotic our lives at home can be. It’s crazy to think how far away we’ve gotten from the simplicity of life.


This morning I rolled out my mat on the dock. Occasionally boats would pass by and as inertia would have it, their wake would ripple over to the floating dock that I was practicing on causing the dock to rock pretty violently. My first reaction was to be annoyed. My mind was screaming, um hello don’t they see I’m trying to balance here?? Don’t they know to be quiet in the morning?? Don’t they know that this is my morning routine?! Ha. As I kept moving and breathing I realized what a metaphor this little situation was to life. We all want the waters to stay really calm and still so we can navigate the easiest. Unrealistic right.. Its water! Its always going to be moving! Just as life is life and always evolving. So instead of trying to still the waves of life, what if we learned to ride them? What if we learned to expect them, welcome them and enjoy them? What if instead of getting annoyed with their presence, we kept on moving and breathing and flowed together as one? Sure the stillness is nice sometimes but the waves keep it interesting.

To surfing the waves,


“How simple it was, to let it be” – Cheryl Strayed

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